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Open House

Valley High School

Dear Families:

We hope you will join us for an open house at Valley on Tuesday, October 11!

From 5PM to 5:30PM, we invite you to tour our building, meet our teachers, and hear about the classes we are offering.

At 5:30PM, we will move outside for the dedication of our renovated shop building to Douglas Arno, and then a cookout.

The cookout is free for all students and family members. We hope to see you there!

Thank you,

James Tyler

Upper Kennebec Valley Memorial Jr./Sr. High School Principal

Somerset Outing Club

Hike up Mosquito Mountain

Saturday October 1st 8:00am to 4:00pm

See the attached flyers

Fun Friday!

Valley Pride: Homecoming

After School Work Study

Dear Parents/Guardians,

This letter is to inform you that Valley Jr/Sr High School will be offering the After School Work Study program again this year. The purpose is to provide a quiet workplace for your child to catch up on either class work or homework. The After School Work Study will be held every Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday in the Library from 2:00pm – 3:15pm. Transportation will be provided if needed. Please note that if your child does stay after school the expectation is that they stay until 3:15pm, unless otherwise communicated to the school. If for any reason work study is cancelled an announcement will be made during the school day.

If you have any questions, please contact Pamela Grant 207-672-3300 ext. 109 or

Lunch Menu

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Weekly Lunch Menu

Upcoming Team Openings

PreK/Grade 2 and Kindergarten Long Term Substitutes







Closing Date: Until suitable candidate is found

Apply to: Sandra MacArthur

Superintendent of Schools

P.O. Box 649

Bingham, ME 04920

Tel (207) 672-5502; e-mail

Fax (207) 672-3800

Online applications available at:

Maine State Law requires all school employees to be fingerprinted and pass a Criminal History Record Check (CHRC).

School Lunch Applications

MSAD 13/RSU 83

Did you know that School Meals will continue to be available to ALL children at NO COST this year! This is fantastic news for all Maine families, saving them thousands of dollars on grocery bills!

*Meal Benefit Applications: It will be absolutely essential to have EVERY family complete a meal benefit application… EVEN THOUGH meals will be available at no charge. This will help us to ensure the longevity of this program through the years and will help districts to continue to qualify for other important funding and grants unrelated to the school nutrition program. 

As always, applications are 100% confidential. The Meal Benefit Applications will be sent home with your child/children the first week of school. Please complete and return the application to your child’s school by September 16.

This institution is an equal opportunity provider.

Pest Control

Dear Parent, Guardian, or Staff Member,

Dear Parent, Guardian, or Staff Member,

I am writing about three subjects that can affect children’s health in school: pests, pesticides, and your right to know. S.A.D. #13 has an integrated pest management plan in place.

Pest Control

Because pesticides pose risks, the school uses an alternative approach to merely applying pesticides. Control of insects, rodents, and weeds at our school focuses on making the school buildings and grounds an unfavorable place for pests to live and breed. Through maintenance and cleaning, we will reduce or eliminate available food and water sources and hiding places for the pests. We will also routinely monitor the school area to detect pest problems and prevent the pests from becoming established. Some techniques we will use include pest monitoring, sanitation, pest exclusion, proper food storage, pest removal and—as a last resort—pesticides. This holistic approach is often called Integrated Pest Management (IPM).

Pesticide Use

Sometimes pesticide use may be necessary to control a pest problem. When that happens, the school will use the lowest risk products available. If high risk pesticides must be used, notices will be posted at application sites and parents, guardians, and staff have a right to know.

Your Right to Know

Parents, legal guardians, and school staff will be notified of specific pesticide applications made at the school. Notification will be given at least five days before planned pesticide applications. Pesticide application notices will also be posted in school and on school grounds. Notification need not be given for pesticide applications recognized by law to pose little or no risk of exposure to children or staff. Persons wanting to know about specific applications may request, and be notified in advance.

The school also keeps records of prior pesticide applications and information about the pesticides used. You may review these records as well as a copy of the Pesticides in Schools Regulation (CMR 01-026 Chapter 27) by contacting our IPM Coordinator, Gordon Hartwell, at the Moscow Elementary School, 672-5572.

If you have any questions, please contact Gordon Hartwell at 672-5572. For further information about pests, pesticides and your right to know, call the Board of Pesticides Control at 207-287-2731 or visit the Maine School IPM website at


Sandra MacArthur

Superintendent of Schools

Van Driver/Sub Custodian and Van Driver/Ed Tech

Anticipated Opening

Opening for Fall 2022

Must have a clean driving record.

Closing Date: Until suitable candidate is found

Apply to: Sandra MacArthur

Office of the Superintendent

P.O. Box 649

Bingham, ME 04920

Telephone: 207-672-5502; e-mail

Online applications available at:

Maine State Law requires ALL school employees to be fingerprinted and pass a Criminal History Record Check (CHRC).