• Class of 2016 wearing their college t-shirts
  • University of Maine Engineering Tour
  • Spencer Hunnewell - Citizen of the Year Award
  • Community Support!!!
  • Houston Brook Falls - Screen Free Week - Let
  • State House Visit
  • Houston Brook Falls - Screen Free Week - Ready to Go!!
  • The 5th Grade had a "sweet" time celebrating the 100th day of school!
  • State House Visit
  • Cody Laweryson presenting Barbara Keegan of Somerset Rehab the check for $2215.70 raised at this years Fill the Gym for Alzheimer: Memories Matter. A wonderful Community event.
  • Houston Brook Falls - Screen Free Week - At the Falls
  • Community Support!!!
  • Programmed Using Sensors
  • Robotics
  • Houston Brook Falls - Screen Free Week
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Jun 09
Printable Lunch Menu - Coming in August!!


New Menu Posted every​ Thursday!!​​

May 12
2016-2017 School Calendar

The 2016-2017 School Calendar is now ready. 

Click here to take a look!!​

Apr 05
Listen to our Somerset Public Health Service Announcements

These Public Service Announcements (PSA's) were recorded at the 92 Moose Radio station.  Listen and Learn!!

​​ ​SPH.png

Feb 16
From the Nurse....
Mel Chadbourne, RN, BSN



Together we work to keep students healthy. Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns.


Recent News:

Norovirus is back in the area. Unfortunately we see this 'bug' every winter. Thankfully it is usually short-lived, lasting 1-3 days. Vomiting and diarrhea are the classic signs but muscle ache, low grade fever and chills. can occasionally be present as well. Norovirus is not the flu. Unfortunately there is no medication to treat norovirus. It just needs to run its course. Handwashing is the best prevention measure. Any ill individuals should remain home during the symptomatic period and for at least 24 hours after all symptoms resolve. If your child is sick during the day, please do not send them to school the next day even if they are feeling fine.


Communicable Conditions General Information​

Health Related Policies and Procedures

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1st Day of School!!



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