March 26, 2020


Dear Parents /Guardians, and Students,

MSAD 13 school staff continue to work to develop educational opportunities for learning at home.  On Monday, March 30th, we will officially enter Phase 2 of our district plan.    We will be sending home student devices for all grade levels.  Please do not worry if you do not have internet at home.  We will continue to provide access to learning opportunities offline to those that do not have internet. 

In Phase 2 the packets will provide enrichment activities for all students. We will begin to collect and grade some assignments.  Also, during this time Grade 5 -12 students will be provided opportunities to complete their 3rd quarter semester assignments. Third quarter grading will end on April 24th.  Grades will be posted May 1st.  Teachers will be contacting each student regarding accessing and submitting assignments.  Most assignments will be submitted electronically but we will make arrangements to receive hard copies as necessary.  Microsoft 365 will be the platform used by grade 5-12 teachers.  Our students have been using Microsoft in school and are familiar with the platform.  PreK-Grade 4 will be using DOJO which should also be somewhat familiar to parents and students. It is important to note that we will be grading assignments in Phase 2 and 3.  More details to come on Phase 3 in the weeks ahead.

Special education students should be receiving differentiated packets/assignments to meet their ability levels.  Please contact your child’s teacher or Melissa Lyons-Vitalone at or 672-3300 ext. 119 if you feel your child’s work needs to be adapted further.  More details on special education services for Phase 3 will be coming in the near future.  We are working with our contracted providers to develop new structures. 

Please be patient with us while we move forward as this is all new for us as it is for you. It is going to take all of us to make sure our students are provided educational opportunities during this time.  We do not expect you the parent to become the teachers.  There will be hiccups but know that we will work with students and families to find solutions to the issues.  We are all in this together. 

We continue to provide meals Monday – Friday.  If you have children in your household that are too young to attend school but would like to receive a meal, please call Corey Farnham at 672-3300

Please continue to check our website, for additional resources as well as updates on when school will reopen. The MSAD 13 Facebook page is also available to you. 

Remember we are here to help you.  Please reach out to us for assistance.


Sandra MacArthur

Superintendent of MSAD 13

Moscow Elementary School

125 Canada Road

PO Box 649 ​

Moscow, ME 04920


Fax: 207.672.3003

Upper Kennebec Valley Jr/Sr High School

110 Meadow Street

PO Box 669​

Bingham, ME 04920


Fax: 207.672.4485

Superintendent's Office

110 Meadow Street

PO Box 649​

Bingham, ME 04920


Fax: 207.672.3800

The ­­­­­­­­RSU 83/MSAD 13 utilizes assessment data to help inform our practices at the district, school, classroom and individual levels for our students.  Although we encourage students and parents to participate fully in our assessment programs, it is important to note that parents/guardians may opt their child out of state testing.  If you are interested in doing so, please reach out to your child's principal to make this request in writing.