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​Important Heal​th Policies 

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Student Wellness​

​Immunization of Students

​Communicable/Infectious Diseases

Head Lice​​

Infections Diseases Communication Procedure

​Students with HIV/AIDS

Administering Medication to Students

Management of Concussion and Other Head Injuries

​Reporting Child Abuse and Neglect

​​Health Protocol​


Health Forms​​

     The Bingham Area Health Center and many other provides are now using the sports physical form recommended by the American Association of Pediatrics. The form may be downloaded, printed and completed in advance to take to the appointment with you. Page 1 is the only page that needs to be completed by the parent/athlete. It will save you time during your appointment if you have completed page 1 of the form and have it with you when you arrive at the appointment with your care provider.
American Academy of Pediatrics Sports Physical Form​​
Communicable Conditions General Information​​
Respiratory Illnesse​sSkin ConditionsGastrointestinal Illnesses Vaccine Preventable DiseasesOther
​​Common Cold ​Athlete's FootGastroenteritis​Pertussis - Fact Sheet ​Cytomegalovirus
Enterovirus68 - Fact Sheet Ringworm ​CampylobacterPertussis ​Fifth Disease
​Flu Illness PolicyConjunctivitis ​CryptosporidiumMeningitis - Bacterial
​InfluenzaWartsDiarrheaMeningococcal - Fact Sheet Mononucleosis
MRSA Fact Sheet
Water Warts​ E-Coli Chicken Pox Fact Sheet Herpes Simplex Virus
Measles Fact Sheet
​GiardiasisChicken Pox
Mumps Fact Sheet
​Hepatitis AStrep Group A Fact Sheet
Hepatitis A - Fact Sheet​Streptococcal Infections
​Norovirus Staphyloc​occus Aureus
Norovirus - Fact Sheet ​Impetigo​​​
Salmonella Fact Sheet ​Rubella
Rubella Fact Sheet
Salmonellosis Ticks
​​ ​Shi​gella Fact Sheet ​Poison Ivy
​ShigellosisScarlet Fever​​