RSU 83/M.S.A.D. #13 (Bingham, Moscow) –




                        BREAKFAST              LUNCH                                               ACTIVITIES


Monday                                               Chicken/Gravy

12/11/17          Cereal/Toast                Mashed Potato/Diced Carrots

                        Fruit/Juice/Milk          Fruit Cocktail/Lowfat Milk


Tuesday           French Toast               Shepherd’s Pie                                    VBB at Rangeley  5:00/6:30

12/12/17          Cereal/Toast                Celery

                        Fruit/Juice/Milk          Diced Pears/Lowfat Milk


Wednesday                                          Chop Suey                                          Community Chorus at Quimby  9:30

12/13/17          Cereal/Toast                Green Beans/WG Bread               Music/Art Show at Quimby  6:00

Fruit/Juice/Milk          Diced Peaches/Lowfat Milk


Thursday         Hash Browns              Meatball Subs

12/14/17          Cereal/Toast                Salad

                        Fruit/Juice/Milk            Applesauce/Lowfat Milk


Friday                                                  Turkey Sandwich/WG Bread              VBB at Vinalhaven  5:30/7:00

12/15/17          Cereal/Toast                Cukes

                        Fruit/Juice/Milk            Apples/Chocolate Lowfat Milk


Saturday                                                                                                          VBB at Vinalhaven  9:00/10:30





Community Cookie Walk and Winter Wagon Rides – Sunday, December 17th

1:00-3:00 p.m.

Tickets will be sold the day of the event at Quimby Middle School starting at 12:30 p.m.

Each ticket is redeemable for 1 cookie

4 cookie limit per household

Maps of the participating places will be available at Quimby

Houses will have a cookie sign out front

Wagon ride will stop and pick up or drop off along the route at certain stops


Please bring a cookie container with you or see us at Quimby for a bag when you get your map.

Sponsored by the Gateway Community Boosters Organization – Help us support our schools.




*Menu subject to change without notice.

White milk served with all breakfast meals.  White milk served with Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday lunches.  Chocolate milk served with Friday lunches.  Skim milk is available at Valley and by request elsewhere.

Peanut butter and jelly as an alternative lunch at all schools.  Salad bar daily.

“M.S.A.D. #13 is a tobacco free environment.”