7:00 p.m.


I.                CALL TO ORDER – The meeting was called to order at 7:04 p.m.




Present:           Bonnie Atwood, Adrienne Mathieu, Janneke Strickland (left at 9:30 p.m.), Leo Hill (arrived at 7:10 p.m.),  Danette Messer, Pauline Lagasse, Brian Malloy, and Scott Shaw


Absent:            Nancy MacDonald (unexcused) and Elizabeth Brochu (excused)


Also present:   Andy Jacques (arrived at 9:10 p.m.), Julie Richard (arrived at 7:10 p.m.) and Virginia Rebar





a)     Upon motion by Bonnie Atwood and second by Pauline Lagasse the Board unanimously voted to approve the minutes of November 10, 2015 (regular meeting).


V.             ADJUSTMENTS

a)     Ms. Rebar requested that VIII (d) budget process and VIII (e) facts about the results of statewide consolidation efforts be added to the agenda



a)     Valley High School field trip to New York City – Mr. John Berube was on hand to share student responses to the recent New York City field trip.  The trip was a huge success and very well received.

b)     Certificates of Approval received by Maine DOE – Ms. Rebar explained the expansive self-review that is necessary to gain certificates of approval for each school in the District from the Maine Department of Education.



a)     Financial Statement - Reviewed

b)     Letter to Staff (Tributes and thanks) – Ms. Rebar shared her letter of tribute and appreciation to all staff for the recent Newsweek “Beating the Odds” national recognition.

c)     School Board expiring terms:  - Reviewed

Elizabeth Brochu                    Bingham

Pauline Lagasse                      Moscow

Nancy MacDonald                  Bingham

Janneke Strickland                  Moscow          1 year term



a)     Drummond/Woodsum Affordable Care Act Overview – Ms. Rebar conducted an overview of the requirements and ramifications of adhering to all of the regulations inherent in the Affordable Care Act.

b)     Winter concerts at Moscow Elementary School on Wednesday, Dec. 9, at 6:00 p.m. and at Quimby Middle School on Tuesday, Dec. 15, at 6:00 p.m. – Discussion ensued about notification of the concert date at Moscow and relative difficulty finding information on our website that is current.  Ms. Rebar indicated a review of these matters will take place.

c)     Investment of support staff retirement reimbursement scheduled – Ms. Rebar indicated that plans were underway to deposit the refund of support staff retirement funds with Camden National Bank.  The deposit was scheduled for December 11, 2015.


IX.           SUB-COMMITTEE REPORTS (Ad-Hoc Restructuring Committee, Finance Committee, Policy Committee, Negotiations Committee, Transportation Committee, Buildings and Grounds Committee)

Finance (Bonnie Atwood, Elizabeth Brochu, Nancy MacDonald)

Policy (Janneke Strickland, Danette Messer, Leo Hill)

Negotiations (Pauline Lagasse, Brian Malloy, Janneke Strickland)

Transportation (Leo Hill, Adrienne Mathieu, Nancy MacDonald, Scott Shaw)

Buildings & Grounds (Leo Hill, Bonnie Atwood, Nancy MacDonald, Scott Shaw)


Mr. Malloy mentioned that the issue of not meeting on Tuesdays in the winter (conflict with basketball games) will be forwarded to the Policy Committee.



a)     Report of Principal

Luke Hartwell took his Kennebec Studies class to Margaret Chase Smith Library in Skowhegan to attend a daylong program on local Native American cultures.  Students listened to former Chief John  ”Bear” Mitchell , currently a professor at University of Maine as he presented the history and cultures of Abenaki, Penobscot, Passamaquoddy, MicMac, and Maliseet tribes.  Students enjoyed a lunch featuring venison stew and squash soup.  Eight schools were invited to attend, yet only Valley, Carrabec and Skowhegan sent a delegation of students.  The day was interactive with question and answer sessions also students tried weaving with sweet grass.

Valley students Cody Laweryson, Charlie Savoy, Jordan Belanger and Luke Malloy presented at the Kennebec Valley Legislative Expo November 6 in Augusta.  Faculty members who also attended were Luke Hartwell, Lori Conway, Julie Richard and Supt. Rebar.  The purpose of the event was to showcase an area of emphasis or success for each school. Valley presented College preparedness, including “Beating Poverty”.

Parent conferences were completed November 12, 2015.  If parents were unable to make a personal visit for conferences, faculty held a telephone conference with parents.

Basketball season has begun for high school athletes with the opening of the season November 16.

The schools and the community worked together to provide twenty three turkey dinners for families in our school communities.  The student council and National Honor Society both donated a dinner, each high school class provided a dinner for a family.  School staff contributed a dinner for each school, and the school menu announced that community contributions were welcome. Students in each school brought in foodstuff joining community donations to round out the additional dinners.  Mrs. Gordon solicited names from both First Selectmen in Bingham and Moscow for older citizens who would benefit from a dinner, school faculty suggested a student family for the Thanksgiving gifts.

Valley High School hosted a Homecoming Panel just prior to Thanksgiving break.  Several students who are now in college or community college discussed their experiences with the high school student body.

Twelve students and four chaperones from Valley traveled to New York City November 20, 2015 returning Tuesday November 24, 2015.  Students stayed in a youth hostel but visited art museums, colleges, Ground Zero, Firehouse 10, Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island.  Students were very excited about their experiences as were the adults. 


b)     Report of Special Education Director

The month of November was a busy and productive month for the Special Education Director, and the Special Education Department of M.S.A.D. #13. As I noted in last month’s report, we have been working hard to minimize the impact of our students’ disabilities, and we have been maximizing our students’ participation in the work and mission of our district’s schools. As noted earlier, it is my view that by minimizing the impact of a student’s disability, we create the necessary time and space for students to maximize their participation in the learning process. This maximized participation in the school’s work/mission is what is intended by the term ‘least restrictive environment’ and akin to the concept of being available for instruction. Academic achievement results from this.

This school year the Special Education Department is undergoing the Program Review process. This process is being conducted by the Maine Department of Education and occurs on a 5 year cycle. The process is largely a review of the department’s adherence to procedural regulations stipulated in Maine Unified Special Education Regulations (MUSER). The state has changed the program review process numerous times over the years and the process currently being used requires the district to complete a self-assessment, compile and send numerous documents and to the D.O.E. and to participate in an onsite review. The special education teachers, Mrs. Melcher, and I are currently compiling the information that Maine D.O.E. requires from M.S.A.D. #13.

I also wish to note my appreciation for the excellent work of the staff of our district’s fine schools.  Quality education is a team effort, and I am consistently impressed by the skill and commitment of our M.S.A.D #13 community, and the stakeholders who assist us in our important work/mission.


Ms. Rebar suggested that the Report of the Special Education Director be moved to the beginning of the agenda X (b) in the future.


XI.           PUBLIC INPUT

Ms. Rebar alerted the staff that she pre-recorded five robo call messages regarding school openings/closings using a new software system.  This will go out to all people in PowerSchool.


XII.        OLD BUSINESS - None



a)     Upon motion by Pauline Lagasse and second by Adrienne Mathieu the Board unanimously voted to approve Kelly Vicneire as Middle School Intramurals (Robotics) for 2015-16 and authorized the Superintendent to issue a contract.

b)     Upon motion by Bonnie Atwood and second by Pauline Lagasse the Board unanimously voted to enter Executive Session for the purpose of evaluation of the Superintendent pursuant to 1 M.R.S.A. §405(6)(A).  Entered Executive Session at 9:24 p.m.  Adjourned Executive Session at 9:59 p.m.

c)     Upon motion by Pauline Lagasse and second by Bonnie Atwood the Board unanimously voted to provide the Superintendent with a 3% raise for the 2016-17 school year and provide for the operation of the Superintendent of Schools including office assistants, supplies, utilities, and other expenses.



a)     Leo Hill asked if portions of standards on the Jump Rope were weighted.  It was suggested that a guide is needed for parents to understand the Progress Report.

b)     Leo Hill expressed a concern as to why fourth and fifth grade basketball had not started.

c)     Andy Jacques attended and complained about the lack of notice for the Moscow concert, the late start of robotics, and the late start of fourth and fifth grade basketball as well as a need for more extra-curricular activities for middle school students.

Ms. Rebar indicated that all issues will be addressed.



The meeting was adjourned at 10:00 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,



Virginia Rebar

Secretary to the Board