7:00 p.m.


6:30 p.m. – Finance Committee Meeting

            Bonnie Atwood, Nancy MacDonald (absent), Vacant, Brian Malloy

Three bids were received for District fuel supply for the 2015-16 school year.  The Committee decided to recommend A.E. Robinson as the company to receive the award.


I.                   CALL TO ORDER – The meeting was called to order at 7:02 p.m.




Present:           Bonnie Atwood, Adrienne Mathieu, Leo Hill, Danette Messer, Pauline Lagasse, Brian Malloy, Scott Shaw, Elizabeth Brochu, and Sheree Brown (arrived at 7:09 p.m.)


Absent:            Nancy MacDonald (unexcused)


Also present:   Julie Richard (arrived at 7:17 p.m.) and Virginia Rebar


III.       PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE - conducted



a)      Upon motion by Bonnie Atwood and second by Pauline Lagasse it was unanimously voted to approve the minutes of March 10, 2015 (regular meeting) and March 24, 2015 (special meeting).  It was noted that there was an error in the March 10th minutes (Bonnie Fortin should be Bonnie Atwood).  This will be corrected.


V.                ADJUSTMENTS

Add the following items:

VI (g)  Pauline Lagasse, Volunteer of the Year

VII (c) Heart Health appreciations

VII (d) Resignation of Lucas Talpey and acceptance letter from the Superintendent

VIII(g)            April 1 enrollment

VIII(h)            Food service review

VIII(I) Updated Emergency Management and Crisis Plan (Board review in May)

XIII(g)            MSMA Property and Casualty Trust

XIII(h)            MSMA Unemployment Compensation Trust Fund



a)      Press Release – Grandparents Day – Ms. Rebar reviewed and a note was made that this year we had record breaking attendance over the last five years.

b)      Morning Sentinel article – Students Pitch Heart Health – The article was reviewed and teams applauded.

c)      Maine Principal’s Award – Justin Miller – It was noted that Justin was honored at an April 11 banquet in Bangor.

d)     Morning Sentinel to interview Linda Hunnewell on April 16th - Ms. Rebar noted that Mrs. Hunnewell’s 50 years of service here captured the attention of the Morning Sentinel and she will be interviewed on April 16th.

e)      Approximately 100 turn out for Dinner/Theatre on April 3rd – The production was a success and well attended.

f)       National Honor Society Induction – April 8th – The names of the new inductees were mentioned:

Seniors:  Kyla White and Jonathan Miller

Juniors:  Cody Laweryson and Collin Miller

Sophomores:  Michaela Marden and Samantha West

            The ceremony was very appropriate and well attended.

g)      Pauline Lagasse was honored by receiving the Volunteer of the Year award at a volunteer social on April 13.



a)      Financial Statement - Reviewed

b)      Insurance rate change – Ms. Rebar mentioned that due to a low amount of claims, our insurance rate has decreased by 2%.

c)      Appreciations were read in response to student contributions to Heart Health.

d)     A resignation from Lucas Talpey, Middle School Math, was shared.



a)      ADA Fence Company slated to construct fence at Moscow – This is scheduled for April vacation.

b)      Lawn mower has been purchased – Ms. Rebar reported that the new lawn mower has been purchased.

c)      Shade building construction awarded to Tobin Belanger – This was announced.

d)     In process of obtaining estimates on PreSchool sink – Ms. Rebar reviewed her work to obtain the lowest price for this installation.

e)      Quimby roof to be repaired during last part of June – The Quimby roof is scheduled to be repaired during the last part of June.

f)       Paving repairs at high school and Moscow are scheduled – Ms. Rebar shared the scheduled paving repair work to be done.  The Board recommended that a competitive bid be explored.

g)      April enrollment was shared.  Ms. Rebar noted that our student population has stabilized over the last several years.

h)      Ms. Rebar reviewed the details involved with participating in a State review of our food service program.

i)        Ms. Rebar updated the Board regarding our Committee work involving Lori Gordon, Carol Hines, Mike Pike, Melissa Lyons-Vitalone, and the Superintendent to completely revamp our Emergency Plan and Crisis Response book.  It is now streamlined and accurate yet, still comprehensive.  Copies will be distributed to selectmen, fire, police, ambulance, etc.


IX.             SUB-COMMITTEE REPORTS (Ad-Hoc Restructuring Committee, Finance Committee, Policy Committee, Negotiations Committee, Transportation Committee, Buildings and Grounds Committee)

Finance (Bonnie Atwood, Vacant, Nancy MacDonald)

Policy (Sheree Brown, Vacant, Leo Hill)

Negotiations (Pauline Lagasse, Brian Malloy, Sheree Brown)

Transportation (Leo Hill, Adrienne Mathieu, Nancy MacDonald, Scott Shaw)

Buildings & Grounds (Leo Hill, Bonnie Atwood, Nancy MacDonald, Scott Shaw)

Ad Hoc Restructuring (Vacant, Adrienne Mathieu, Pauline Lagasse)


a)      The Finance Committee reviewed three bids for fuel supply for 2015-16.  The Committee recommended A.E. Robinson as the company to receive the award.



a)      Ms. Richard

·         The schools are busy as we enter the final 9 weeks of the year.  Immediately, grades 3 & 4 are beginning their standardized testing with the Smarter Balanced test.  There is a significant difference, much more difficult, and longer than in previous years.  Faculty have practiced the sample test with their students to experience the differences form other standardized tests.  Middle school students will test next week, and High School students will test after April vacation following the SAT exam on April 15.  The MEA science test is scheduled for the first or second week of May.

·         Gear-Up grant if taking shape as we submit the activities intended for next year.  Each activity is first cleared by Supt. Rebar, then by our Regional Administrator and lastly by the Gear-Up Regional Director. 

·         Initial plans include a summer reading program, and Homework Café an afterschool help program.

·         The high school faculty used the workshop afternoon to participate in a Marzano live Webinar on “Increasing rigor in High School Classes.”  Moscow and Quimby Schools worked on Standards Based curriculum and Response to Intervention plans.

·         Grandparents days went well at all schools Moscow had 56 visitors, Quimby enjoyed 47 visitors and Valley hosted 24 grandparents.   Lunch was great, and grandparents were very happy to attend.

·         The Priority School at Moscow continues to make good progress.  We have completed most of the work asked of the team for this year.  Part of the work we have done is to plan for 8 objectives for the school year 2015-16.  Those objectives are more advanced components of the Best Practices model presented by the Priority School group.

·         High School students traveled to Somerset County Technical Center to see then consider the potentials of vocational education.  Next year grade ten students will be admitted for the first time.  Valley has two grade 10 students, and eleven grade 11 students who are in the application process.

·         Justin Miller was selected as Valley’s honored senior at the April 11 Maine Principal’s association banquet.

·         The National Honor Society held a ceremony and banquet for their newly selected members.  Jonathan Miller, KyLa White, Cody Laweryson, Colin Miller, Michaela Marden and Samantha West joining Cameron Johnson, Justin Miller, Charlie Savoy and Jordan Belanger as members of the National Honor Society.

·         The school play was also success with about 100 folks in attendance.

·         Grade 2 traveled to Leo Hill’s Maple Syrup operation.

·         Grades 2, 3, and 4 will travel to University of Maine Planetarium for a show on May 1, 2015.

·         Pauline Lagasse was selected as Volunteer of the Year for our community.  Pauline was joined at the Ice Cream Social by celebrating all local volunteers which was held at Valley last night.

·         Somerset County Sheriff’s Department came to Valley to demonstrate crashing at 5 mph, goggles simulating drunken drivers and a driving simulator which demonstrated impaired driving and texting while driving.  All high school students had an opportunity to test the demonstration elements.  This was done just prior to the Prom and graduation as a timely reminder for students.

·         Kindergarten Spring Musical will be held tentatively May 28, 2015, Thursday, at 6:00.

·         Dates:        SAT – April 15

Smarter Balanced Test – Moscow – ongoing

                                                                            Quimby – practice test 4/14/15

                                                                            Valley – practice 4/28, 4/29, and 4/30

                                                                            Valley – test 5/5, 5/7, 5/8, and 5/11

                                    MEA (Science) – Valley – Grade 11 on 5/13

                                                                  Quimby – Grades 5 and 8 on 5/5 (anticipated)


b)      Mr. Ferreira

The month of March was a busy month for the Special Education Department of M.S.A.D. 13 and me. I participated in numerous I.E.P. meetings, and other meetings as well, such as MELMAC/Gear Up and Priority School meetings. There were some special event days which I participated in including the Baker Mountain Day for Valley High School and the Wellness Workshop Day. These ‘special’ days went well and added to overall program that we provide   to students of M.S.A.D 13. The I.E.P. meetings went well and the department’s teachers are collaborating well with each other and the other members of the M.S.A.D. 13 teaching/learning community.

On March 12, the Special Education Department met for our monthly department meeting. These meetings provide the opportunity for the department to coordinate for upcoming annual review and triennial review IEP meetings.  The department has or is in the process of conducting triennial re-evaluations on approximately 20 students this school year. The monthly department meetings give us the opportunity to discuss our practices in relation to the latest information provided by the Maine Department of Education. It also allows us to collaborate on our practices with regards to special education documentation, academic instruction, and functional performance and supports provided to students. March was a positive and productive month for the Special Education Department of M.S.A.D. 13. 


XI.             PUBLIC INPUT - None


XII.          OLD BUSINESS - None



a)      Board election of officers and committee assignments for 2015-16

FINANCE:                             Bonnie Atwood, Nancy MacDonald, Elizabeth Brochu – Members did not participate in consensus.

POLICY:                                Leo Hill, Sheree Brown, Danette Messer – Leo Hill and Sheree Brown did not participate in consensus.

NEGOTIATIONS:                 Brian Malloy, Pauline Lagasse, Sheree Brown – Members did not participate in consensus.

TRANSPORTATION:           Leo Hill, Adrienne Mathieu, Scott Shaw – Members did not participate in consensus.

BLDGS/GROUNDS:             Bonnie Atwood, Scott Shaw, Leo Hill – Members did not participate in consensus.

AD HOC Restructuring:         It was the consensus of the Board to drop this Committee.

b)      Upon motion by Bonnie Atwood and second by Adrienne Mathieu the Board unanimously voted to approve the following Recertification Steering Committee for 2015-16:

The Recertification Steering Committee is responsible for overseeing professional development renewal plans for teachers and educational technicians.  They also oversee teacher action plans for new teachers and highly qualified statuses.

Jena Harvey, Chair                        Alternates:       John Berube, Chair

Rhonda Roberts                                                    Luke Hartwell

Kelly Bailey, Advisor                                           Mary Collins, Advisor

c)      The Superintendent would like to report to the Board that the following is a list of all continuing contract teachers, no action is required:

Joy West                           Mary Collins               Kelly Bailey

Katie Flood-Gerow                       Catherine Foran          Wendy Belanger

Rhonda Roberts                            Karen LaForgia           Kattie Sweet-Shibles

Rebecca York                               James Tyler                 Luke Hartwell

Brenda Fanjoy                              Daniel McDonald       Jena Harvey

John Berube

d)     Upon motion by Pauline Lagasse and second by Sheree Brown the Board unanimously voted to accept the oil bid from A.E. Robinson in the amount of $2.1295 fixed price per gallon for 2015-16.

Other bids included Dead River Co. ($2.3860 fixed price) and Bob’s Cash Fuel ($2.174 fixed price).

e)      Discussion regarding Maine State Retirement System Support Staff refund – Upon motion by Pauline Lagasse and second by Bonnie Atwood the Board unanimously voted to accept the article wording as drafted by Attorney, Richard Spencer, to place the Maine State Retirement System Support Staff refund in a designated capital reserve account.

f)       Upon motion by Sheree Brown and second by Bonnie Atwood the Board unanimously voted to enter Executive Session pursuant to 1 M.R.S.A. §405(6)(D) for the purpose of discussing negotiations between the UKVEA and the Board of Directors.  Entered Executive Session at 8:46 p.m.  Adjourned Executive Session at 9:47 p.m.

g)      Ms. Rebar explained that MSMA had all insurance trust documents reviewed and updated by Counsel.  As a result, changes in the Declaration of Trust for the Unemployment Compensation Trust fund and Amendments for the Property and Casualty Trust fund were recommended.  The participants in these funds have to vote to authorize the changes and the amendments and the Superintendent must attest to this vote.  In addition a copy of said vote must be filed with the minutes of this meeting.

Upon motion by Sheree Brown and second by Pauline Lagasse the Board unanimously voted to do all of the above.



a)      Mr. Hill shared that he was working on making efforts to improve the field condition in back of Quimby.

b)      Mr. Malloy suggested that we explore alternatives for repair services for our buses.


XV.          ADJOURNMENT – The meeting was adjourned at 9:52 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,




Virginia Rebar

Secretary to the Board