RSU 83/M.S.A.D. #13


Board Goals 2013-14


The M.S.A.D. #13 School District Board of Education is responsible for developing and evaluating the philosophy and goals of the district.† Created by the Board in collaboration with the Superintendent and the District Administrative Cabinet with input from teachers, staff, parents, and community members, the following goals reflect the districtís priorities for the 2011-12 timeframe.† The objectives and strategies will be reviewed by the Board every six months, and revised as deemed appropriate.† This is not meant to be an exhaustive list of all the programs, projects, and activities involved in successfully running a school district.




Student achievement is at the core of all of our district goals.† We believe that students succeed best in an exciting and challenging environment where they are actively engaged in the learning process.




Objective A:† Increase overall academic achievement as measured by schools annually.


Objective B:† Aggressively seek to close the achievement gap between numerically significant subgroups while continuing to increase the performance of high achieving students as measured by schools.





The School Board acknowledges that is charged with the governance of the public schools which belong to the people.† The Board recognizes that intelligent, informed support of the schools is dependent upon knowledge, understanding, and participation in the efforts, goals, and programs of the schools.† It is also aware of its responsibility to provide the public with information and opportunities leading to participation of the public in the establishment of programs and policies which are in the public interest.


Therefore, the Board and the schools will strive to:


  1. Recognize and encourage the fact that schools belong to the community and cannot be separated from it;
  2. Create and maintain an atmosphere of mutual understanding and respect for children and adults studying, residing, or employed within the school system;
  3. Hold an annual pot luck supper during fall harvest with M.S.A.D. #13 staff.
  4. Create and maintain an atmosphere of welcome public involvement in school affairs;
  5. Ensure that the community has full access to information concerning programs and policies; and
  6. Determine the publicís reaction to the policies and programs conducted by the schools.
  7. Add a community service component for graduation starting with the 2013-14 freshman class.† Students would be given credit for volunteering at Baker Mt., the History House, the snowmobile club, interacting with the nursing home residents, extending Chamber of Commerce services, assisting the ATV clubs, cleaning up yards, fields, parks, creating murals in the place of paper in classrooms to avoid fire hazards, etc.


Achieving these objectives requires that the Board and staff express positive attitudes toward the schools in their daily contacts with parents and the community.† They will make systematic, honest and continuing efforts to receive public input.† They will develop an active partnership with the community in working toward improvement of the educational program, and take an active interest in the needs of the total community to find ways to assure that the schools are a vital and positive experience for all students and other citizens of the community.





We appreciate the strong support network of parents and community members who work side-by-side with us, providing resources and enrichment that we would not otherwise have for our students.




Objective A:† Promote two-way communication to build and maintain partnerships between and among home, school, and community in support of district goals through a variety of venues.


Objective B:† Additional communication tools will be investigated and, if possible, implemented to enhance the districtís ability to provide a wider spectrum of communication.


Objective C:† Add a student representative/seat at the Board meetings.




By maintaining, modernizing and constructing facilities and providing appropriate services, the district will support students and staff in their educational endeavors.† We will work to create schools that are safe; menus and programs that promote healthy living; and energy usage policies that are sustainable.




Objective A:† Initiate implementation of the long term Facilities Master Plan.


Objective B:† Research, plan and develop strategies to support efficient use of energy.


Objective C:† Support improvement to student and employee health as measured by programs and meal menu plans that promote healthy living.


Objective D:† Implement various strategies to provide a safe, secure learning environment for students.


Objective E:† Implement more educational experiences to help students become more health conscious.



Revised:† Fall 2013


Approved:† September 10, 2013