TUESDAY, DECEMBER 16, 2014 (Rescheduled from 12/9/14)


7:00 p.m.



                   Leo Hill, Laurie Attwood, Sheree Brown

Leo Hill, Linda Hunnewell, and Bonnie Atwood met in the absence of Laurie Attwood and Sheree Brown.  The Committee reviewed the addendum proposed to Policy JICIA regarding school publications and weapons, violence, and school safety.  The group decided to bring it to the Board for a first reading.  The group decided to add animal to #3 under props or artifacts.


I.               CALL TO ORDER – The meeting was called to order at 7:06 p.m.




Present:           Bonnie Atwood, Adrienne Mathieu, Leo Hill, Linda Hunnewell, Pauline Lagasse, Brian Malloy, and Sheree Brown (arrived at 7:07 p.m.)


Absent:            Nancy MacDonald (excused), Scott Shaw (excused), and Laurie Attwood (excused)


Also present:   Edward Ferreira and Virginia Rebar





a)     Upon motion by Bonnie Atwood and second by Pauline Lagasse the Board unanimously voted to approve the minutes of November 11, 2014 (regular meeting).


V.             ADJUSTMENTS - None



a)     Adopted teacher, Jeremy White, reaps benefits for students through Aid for Kids – See press release on website – Ms. Rebar shared a press release she wrote on the benefits our students received from Aid for Kids.  This is a non-profit organization that helps students in northern Maine.  The director is the aunt of our physical education teacher, Jeremy White.  We received boxes and boxes of goods.

b)    High school grants received to cover some dual enrollment costs – Ms. Rebar announced that the high school received almost $1,000 in grants from Oak Grove Coburn to pay for some of the costs for dual enrollment courses.



a)     Financial Statement - Reviewed

b)    Resignation and acceptance of Paul Belanger, Baseball Coach - Acknowledged

c)     School Board expiring terms:

Brian Malloy              Bingham

Leo Hill                       Bingham

Linda Hunnewell        Moscow

Adrienne Mathieu       Moscow

Nancy MacDonald      Bingham (filling term, expires 2016)



a)     Audit for 2013-14 received – Ms. Rebar shared that our financial operations were audited and the results of that audit were highly positive.  The Board received the cover letter and the full report will be sent to each town office.

b)    Gifted and Talented program application submitted December 5 – Ms. Rebar shared some details of our embellished gifted and talented program.  She distributed a brochure that describes the process of identification.  She also mentioned the focus of the student’s personalized learning plans is established through interest inventories and learning style assessments.  Parents are involved.

c)     Update on Teacher Evaluation Committee work – Ms. Rebar shared the requirements of the Educator Effectiveness law, the committee work to date, a finished draft RSU 83/MSAD 13 model, and the components of the proposed evaluation process.

d)    Notes on energy costs and fixed pricing opportunity – Ms. Rebar indicated that she received a communication from Jonathan Youde from the Maine Power Options offering an opportunity to obtain fixed pricing for electricity costs (not delivery) over three years to avoid anticipated spikes in costs (50% increases) due to the pipeline inadequacies for the delivery of natural gas.  The fixed rate option keeps our increase at 29%.  This avenue was taken for us.


IX.          SUB-COMMITTEE REPORTS (Ad-Hoc Restructuring Committee, Finance Committee, Policy Committee, Negotiations Committee, Transportation Committee, Buildings and Grounds Committee)

Finance (Bonnie Atwood, Linda Hunnewell, Nancy MacDonald)

Policy (Sheree Brown, Laurie Attwood, Leo Hill)

Negotiations (Pauline Lagasse, Brian Malloy, Sheree Brown)

Transportation (Leo Hill, Adrienne Mathieu, Nancy MacDonald, Scott Shaw)

Buildings & Grounds (Leo Hill, Bonnie Atwood, Nancy MacDonald, Scott Shaw)

Ad Hoc Restructuring (Linda Hunnewell, Adrienne Mathieu, Pauline Lagasse)



a)     Ms. Richard

   Two staff members received Oak Grove Coburn Mini Grants.  Katie Flood- Gerow received $975.00 to pay for student college course fees for Spanish in the Dual enrollment program with Univ. of Maine Fort Kent.  Lori Gordon received $978.00 to purchase a new refrigerator for the resource room for their Life Skills Program.

   The National Honor Society and the Culture and Community class organized and delivered 17 Thanksgiving meals for folks in our community.  Students and advisors collected donations from students, staff and the public for the meals. Additionally, each school staff contributed toward a Thanksgiving meal for a student’s family in their building.

   Barry Dana presented an excellent program on the Abenaki culture.  Students in grades 3-12 attended and had the opportunity to ask questions of Mr. Dana about both historic or present day issues. 

   Moscow School held their holiday music and art program on December 4.   It was an excellent evening with students excitedly demonstrating their musical and art skills and sharing them with parents and friends.  Students also received a gift from a recent grant by Aid for Kids.  Congratulations to Krista Lyman, Karen LaForgia, and Jeremy White.

   Our schools received a generous grant of school supplies from Aid for Kids.  Jeremy White, district PE and health teacher.


b)    Mr. Ferreira

   November, as usual, was a busy month for the Special Education Department of M.S.A.D. #13. The month included a number of I.E.P. meetings, the completion of a twelve hour initial Safety-Care Specialist Training of five staff members, and continuing work on teacher evaluation including teacher observation,   and goal setting. The month also included a Special Education department meeting, and 504 meetings and other activities. These events went well.

   A focus of the he department has been the training of our special education teachers in our district and state's practices and procedures. We have made steady in this regard with a focus on special education documents, particularly the written notices and I.E.P.s. We have spent time on the process of conducting three year re-evaluations of previously identified students. We have engaged in professional development by sharing information gathered through conference attendance, professional readings, and coursework.  We have continued our work involving collaboration with the district's Regular Education teachers through such endeavors as 'co-teaching', and the 'universal design' of instructional approaches. We have also continued to develop our skills with functional behavioral analysis (fba) and behavioral intervention/improvement plans (bips). We also continue to promote the conditions that lead to our students engaging in serious intellectual endeavors.   At the high school level, we have been actively involved with transition planning, as students envision their post high school lives, making plans for advanced education and work.

   We are also working collaboratively with other district educators in the areas of proficiency based diplomas, and standards based grading. We continue to be actively involved in the implementation of the district's Response to Intervention (RtI) initiative, and are involved with the 'Jumprope' reporting initiative and 'Edusched' initiative at Valley High School. It has been a fast moving and productive time for the Special Education Department of M.S.A.D. #13/R.S.U. 83 and I continue to enjoy working in this fine school district and community.


XI.          PUBLIC INPUT - None


XII.        OLD BUSINESS - None



a)     It was moved by Pauline Lagasse and second by Leo Hill to approve the nomination of Kattie Sweet-Shibles as Boys Elementary Basketball coach for 2014-15 and authorize the Superintendent to issue a contract.  The motion passed with all voting in favor except Bonnie Atwood who abstained due to family relationship.

b)    Upon motion by Bonnie Atwood and second by Linda Hunnewell it was unanimously voted to approve the first reading of addendum to Policy JICIA Weapons, Violence and School Safety.

c)     Upon motion by Sheree Brown and second by Pauline Lagasse it was unanimously voted to enter Executive Session for the purpose of evaluation of the Superintendent pursuant to 1 M.R.S.A. §405(6)(A).  Entered Executive Session at 7:46 p.m.  Adjourned Executive Session at 8:47 p.m.

d)    Upon motion by Sheree Brown and second by Pauline Lagasse the Board unanimously voted on a one year extension to the Superintendent’s contract (3 year contract to 2018), added one personal day to the benefit package, and provided for the operation of the Superintendent of Schools including office assistants, supplies, utilities, and other expenses





The meeting was adjourned at 9:00 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,



Virginia Rebar

Secretary to the Board