7:00 p.m.



                        Brian Malloy, Pauline Lagasse, Sheree Brown


I.                   CALL TO ORDER – The meeting was called to order at 7:05 p.m.




Present:           Bonnie Atwood, Adrienne Mathieu, Sheree Brown, Pauline Lagasse, Brian Malloy, Scott Shaw, and Leo Hill (arrived at 7:11 p.m.)


Absent:            Linda Hunnewell (excused), Laurie Attwood (excused), and Vacant Bingham seat


Also present:   Nancy MacDonald, Kattie Sweet-Shibles, Julie Richard, and Virginia Rebar





a)      Upon motion by Bonnie Atwood and second by Pauline Lagasse the Board unanimously voted to approve the minutes of September 9, 2014 (regular meeting) and September 16, 2014 (special meeting).


V.                ADJUSTMENTS

Ms. Rebar indicated that there was a need for some adjustments as follows:

Add XIII (d) – Negotiations discussion

Add XIII (e) – Adult lunch price increase

Add XIII (f) – Finance Committee member needed

Add VII (l) – Department of Transportation hearing



a)      Pot Luck Board/Staff Fall Harvest Supper – October 28th at 6:00 p.m. – The entire school community will be celebrating fall harvest at a supper (pot luck) on October 28th at 6:00 p.m. at the high school.

b)      Gear Up Grant – We are part of a University of Maine at Farmington Gear Up grant aimed at at-risk students.  This could mean up to $25,000 per year for seven years to fund a coach and provide opportunities for students to consider higher education opportunities.

c)      Commendation regarding special education – Our District received a letter from Janice Breton commending us on a high level of special education performance demonstrated in our data and records.  The special education department was applauded.



a)      Financial Statement – Reviewed – no questions

b)      Copy of final Board goals for 2014-15 – Ms. Rebar explained that District officials were already hard at work at meeting and achieving Board goals.

c)      Lunch menu week of 10/6-10/10 with website information – Ms. Rebar shared this item with the Board expressing a desire to convey press releases to the public in the event that they were not published by the paper.

d)     Resignation of Ray Francoeur from the Board of Directors – Reviewed and acknowledged

e)      Promoting Physical Activity and Healthy Eating – Somerset Public Health – Ms. Rebar shared the resources provided by us by representatives of Somerset Public Health during their recent visit to address our teachers as to ways they are available to assist with the promotion of good nutrition and healthy physical activities.

f)       Removal of tower at Moscow School – Ms. Rebar shared the quote provided regarding the removal of the tower at Moscow School to help hinder the possibility of another lightning strike.  Board members asked for more bids to be solicited.

g)      Communication from Leann Larson, DOE – Ms. Rebar shared the very positive e-mail letter received from Leanne Larson (DOE representative for the schools involved in the KVSA) thanking us for sharing information about our District during her visit on September 30, 2014.

h)      E-mail from Rachel Ohm – Ms. Rebar shared a letter of regret from reporter, Rachel Ohm, of the Morning Sentinel for not attending to Bingham/Moscow District news.

i)        Special education e-mail from Janice Breton – This issue was reviewed in the Communications portion of the agenda.

j)        Maine Rural Partners – Information was shared regarding the merging of two organizations focused on the economic development of rural communities in Maine.

k)      Thank you from Bonnie Atwood and family – A thank you note from Bonnie Atwood and her family for a recent School Board donation to the high school theater department on behalf of her late husband, Kenneth Atwood, was shared with the Board.

l)        Ms. Rebar shared a Department of Transportation invitation for a hearing to take place on October 22, 2014 on the rehabilitation of the Austin Stream Bridge in Bingham.



a)      Worker’s compensation audit 2013-14 refund – Ms. Rebar shared that the District received a worker’s compensation refund due to the fact that an anticipated staffing position has not been needed (driver for out-of-placement).  There has not been a need to place a youngster out-of-district as anticipated when budget development was taking place.

b)      Press releases – Ms. Rebar shared the press releases that she has submitted to the paper and posted on the website.  A phone call to the paper prompted the actual publications.  Board members were encouraged to offer suggestions for press releases.  Suggestions included press releases on the October 28th pot luck harvest supper and interviews with college students regarding the impact of the dual enrollment courses on success in college.

c)      October 10th workshop day – Ms. Rebar reviewed the content of the professional development workshop topics that took place on October 10th.

d)     Price equity formula – Ms. Rebar indicated that the federal guidelines for fixing lunch prices has changed from looking up State averages to using a price equity formula worksheet for students and adults.  After completing these tasks, we found that we are required to charge elementary students $2.35, secondary students $2.60, and adults $4.90.

e)      Extension application update – Ms. Rebar explained that the State requested more clarification as to grade level sequencing in items of actual standards-based grade reporting.  This request was welcomed since the implementation of a new grading program has been assimilated and the sequence needed to be changed as follows:

K-4 at the end of first trimester

5-8 at the end of second and fourth ranking period

High school next year

The clarification application requests were completed and the application was resubmitted.


IX.             SUB-COMMITTEE REPORTS (Ad-Hoc Restructuring Committee, Finance Committee, Policy Committee, Negotiations Committee, Transportation Committee, Buildings and Grounds Committee)

Finance (Bonnie Atwood, Linda Hunnewell, Ray Francoeur)

Policy (Sheree Brown, Laurie Attwood, Leo Hill)

Negotiations (Pauline Lagasse, Brian Malloy, Sheree Brown)

Transportation (Leo Hill, Adrienne Mathieu, Ray Francoeur, Scott Shaw)

Buildings & Grounds (Leo Hill, Bonnie Atwood, Ray Francoeur, Scott Shaw)

Ad Hoc Restructuring (Linda Hunnewell, Adrienne Mathieu, Pauline Lagasse)

a)      Negotiations Committee report – This Committee reported a meeting with the Teachers’ Association regarding resurrecting the Debate Club due to student interest and adding it to the Schedule B offerings at a compensation stipend of $1,068.



a)      Ms. Richard

Principal’s Report -October 2014

Open House at Moscow was held September 16 and was well attended.  Students were able to show their parents about the school including classrooms, music, art rooms, and the library.  The Title 1 program explanations were presented by Kelly Bailey.  Parents were encouraged to have children use extra hand washing to prevent flu and cold viruses. An explanation of attendance requirements for Maine schools (93%) and intellectual benefits for students was made to solicit additional cooperation from parents.

Grade 8 students helped to harvest remaining vegetables from the Valley Community Garden.  They dug potatoes (about 80 pounds), picked butternut squash, corn, tomatoes, 1 cauliflower, and lettuce. Students also harvested sunflower seeds and corn stalks (for their October dance).

A successful “Welcome to Grade Five Night”, was held September 25.  Eleven of the fifteen students were present with their parents to meet their teachers and tour their school.  A short survey was the topic at one stop on the Quimby School tour.  A major focus for staff was to communicate their designs assisting students in their transition from grade 4 to grade 5 and middle school schedules.

Open house for all students and parents is planned for Quimby students October 15, 2014 and at Valley High school the following week on October 22, 2014.  Both events will begin at 6:00 and will last about an hour.  The focus of these events will be to demonstrate student work to their parents and guardians.  Faculty will link the student projects to the Common Core Curriculum and will explain how we are shifting to standards based grading.  Parents may follow their own student’s schedule to observe the variety of projects and class presentations.  The redesign of open house is a way to extend the conversation about Common Core Curriculum and standards based curriculum to include parents and the greater community in our growth.  School board members are welcome to attend to observe what these changes look like in real classes.

Moscow School has experienced success with their Positive Behavior Intervention Strategy (PBIS) program.  Students receive tickets when they are observed correctly applying school behavioral rules. Student tickets are drawn randomly student of the week who receives a small prize. The class with the highest percentage of ticket recognition holds a trophy for a week.  Student behaviors have been consistently good with less corrective actions needed.

Moscow School is emphasizing the importance of attendance to all their students and parents this year by recognizing students with perfect attendance each month.  46 of the 85 Moscow students received a Perfect Attendance pencil for September. Students start fresh for the October attendance recognition.

CavCash is a positive behavioral incentive for grade 5 students.  Correct student behavior and recognized acts of kindness can result with students being given CavCash, (replica money with a Cavalier replacing George Washington).  Students can redeem CavCash in an auction for small prizes held each Friday.  This program identifies acts of kindness which defeat bully like actions.

October is school safety month and our schools have been busy. 

October 1        Stranger Danger review with all students

              3        Bus safety assembly at Moscow School

              9        Fire Safety with Bingham Fire Department at Moscow School

             31       Halloween Safety with Deputy Mike Pike at Moscow School

Each school will hold a fire drill and a shelter in place (lockdown) drill during October.  Quimby and Valley Schools will have an assembly about internet safety.

28 Valley students attended the College Fair at University of Maine. Junior and senior students had an opportunity to talk with representatives of many community colleges as well as four year colleges or universities. Ms. Sweet-Shibles traveled with her class to the Common Ground Fair.  Students from the Community Garden Group went along with the high school class.  Ms. Shibles class observed the fair as a cultural event, the garden group looked for planting tips.

Luke Hartwell took his World History class to the LC Bates museum on October 3. Students operated a printing press, early machines, and natural exhibits.  He will also travel to the District Court with his US History class to observe court in action.  Last year Mr. Hartwell and his class meet with the judge as he explained court proceedings and fielded questions from students.

PSAT testing will be held Oct. 15 at Valley.  Sophomores and juniors take the PSAT exam at Valley while freshmen will visit Unity College and seniors plan a visit to Maine Maritime Academy.

Soccer athletes are finishing their seasons.  School wide participation has been high, 13 Middle School soccer athletes, 14 students in Varsity girls’ soccer, and 14 students in Varsity boys’ soccer.

Upcoming events:

·         October 8, 2014 Moscow Grade 1 Visits North Star Orchards

·         October 23, 2014 Fall Awards Night  at 6:30  in Valley Gym

·         October 15, 2014 at 6:00 Open House at Quimby School for grades 5, 6, 7, & 8.  Student presentations of their work with explanations of both the Common Core Curriculum and our shift to standards based grading.  School Board is invited to attend.

·         October 22, 2014 at 6:00 Open House at Valley High School for all grades.  Student demonstrations of their work and explanations of the Common Core Curriculum and our shift to standards based grading. School Board is invited to attend.

·         October 30, (Oct 31 rain) Moscow School visits the Corinna Corn Maze.

·         October 31 Moscow School Halloween Parade at the Nursing Home.

·         November 25, 2014 at 8:30 in Valley Gym, Barry Dana will speak about Native American cultures of this area in Maine.  Quimby, Valley and grades 3 & 4 from Moscow will attend.  School Board is invited to attend.

b)      Mr. Ferreira

Special Education Director’s Report-October 2014

The month of September is always a busy month for the Special Education Departments across the United States. September has been especially busy in M.S.A.D. 13 for a variety of reasons.  As you are well aware, two thirds of our special education teachers are new special education teachers. Also this year we have had a number of students who have transferred to the district with IEPs. I have been working with the other special education teachers of the district in conducting transfer IEP meetings, and developing the amended or new IEPs for these students.  Prior to this meeting the department has conducted seven transfer IEP meetings for the 2014-15 school year.

We have also conducted the needed annual review IEP meetings, and have conducted a number of initial referral/eligibility IEP meetings during this month. We have also been conducting three-year re-evaluations.  We have also been developing and refining a number of functional behavioral assessments, and the concurrent behavioral intervention/improvement plans for our students who require these.

While this has been challenging, it has given our department the opportunity to learn and refine our practice and procedures with regards to special education district practices and state regulations. I am pleased with the progress we have made and with quality of the documents we have produced. I am also pleased by the collaboration and support the department has received from the regular education teachers in their respective schools. September has been a productive month and I continue to enjoy working in M.S.A.D. 13.


XI.             PUBLIC INPUT - None


XII.          OLD BUSINESS - None



a)      Discussion regarding restructuring schools (PK-8) Quimby/Moscow – After some discussion, the Board arrived at a consensus not to pursue an examination of cost savings to close Quimby or Moscow Schools.  The topic will not be addressed again for another year.

b)      It was moved by Sheree Brown and second by Pauline Lagasse to approve the required application of USDA equity tool and resultant lunch price increase from $2.25/$2.35 for elementary and $2.50/$2.60 for secondary.  The motion passed with Adrienne Mathieu, Sheree Brown, Pauline Lagasse, and Brian Malloy voting in favor (597 votes) and Bonnie Atwood, Leo Hill, and Scott Shaw voting against (495 votes).

c)      Ms. Rebar explained the responsibilities of the Teacher Evaluation/Steering Committee.  Upon motion by Pauline Lagasse and second by Bonnie Atwood the Board unanimously voted to approve the following Steering Committee:

James Tyler, Daniel McDonald, Catherine Foran, Juliana Richard, Virginia Rebar, and Brian Malloy.

d)     Upon motion by Bonnie Atwood and second by Pauline Lagasse the Board unanimously voted to add a Debate Team to Schedule B at the High School with an annual stipend of $1,068.

e)      It was moved by Sheree Brown and second by Adrienne Mathieu to increase adult lunch prices to $4.90.  The motion passed with Brian Malloy, Leo Hill, Adrienne Mathieu, Sheree Brown, and Pauline Lagasse voting in favor (762 votes) and Bonnie Atwood and Scott Shaw voting against (330 votes).

f)       Finance Committee member needed – The anticipated appointment of Nancy MacDonald to the Board will fill this position.



Bonnie Atwood wants clarification on the definition of immediate family and asked the Policy Committee to review this.

Pauline Lagasse asked about supervision for middle school athletes waiting for a travel bus and asked about the inclusion of grammar in literature instruction.



The meeting was adjourned at 8:51 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,



Virginia Rebar

Secretary to the Board