TUESDAY, JUNE 13, 2017


7:00 p.m.



6:30 p.m. – Finance Committee Meeting

            Pauline Lagasse and Virginia Rebar were present.  Elizabeth Brochu and Nancy MacDonald were absent.  Oil bids were received and reviewed.  No award was decided upon or recommended by the Committee.


I.                CALL TO ORDER – The meeting was called to order at 7:04 p.m.


II.             ATTENDANCE


Present:           Jennifer Cates, Leo Hill, Pauline Lagasse, Brian Malloy, Adrienne Mathieu, Jessica Mills, Janneke Strickland, Elizabeth Brochu (arrived 7:05 p.m.), and Nancy MacDonald (arrived 7:05 p.m.)


Absent:            Danette Messer (excused)


Also present:   Julie Richard and Virginia Rebar


Note:               Elizabeth Brochu and Nancy MacDonald left at 7:35 p.m. and returned at 8:20 p.m.


III.           PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE - Conducted


IV.           APPROVAL OF THE MINUTES (Regular meetings – will not be done at special meetings)

a)     Upon motion by Pauline Lagasse and second by Adrienne Mathieu the Board unanimously voted to approve the minutes of May 2, 2017 (special meeting), May 11, 2017 (regular meeting) and negotiation session attendance for May 3, May 11, 2017, and May 24, 2017.





a)     Principal’s Report

·       Becky York held a fun yet impressive Poetry Slam in her grade 1 classroom last week.  It was well attended by grandparents and parents.  Students were both excited and proud of their work.

·       Congratulations to Heather Merrill and Kattie Sweet-Shibles, the class of 2017 dedicated their yearbook to both teachers.

·       Mrs. Merrill.  We want to express our gratitude to Mrs, Merrill for her hard work and dedication to the students.  Her challenging classes have helped us all learn and grow in many ways. Outside of the classroom she has supported us as Athletic Director.

·       Mrs. Sweet-Shibles.  We want to thank Mrs. Sweet for her dedication to the students both in the classroom and outside.  She has committed her time to our Yearbook Committee, Theater Group, Student Council, and many other student activities.

·       Marcy Melcher, Melissa Lyons-Vitalone and Lori Conway organized a program for Moscow students on “Good touch, bad touch”, and at Quimby two sessions on anti-bully actions, Up Stander (how to support someone who was being targeted) and Unload the backpack (of negative messages).  All programs were well received by students.

·       Faculty are organizing work for students to complete in summer school which will help them meet the standards not accomplished during the school year curriculum.  We plan three summer programs; Title 1 will have 20 Moscow students who need extra work in reading and math ,  Valley summer is for high school and Quimby School students who need to recover a credit, or who need to finish incomplete standards.  All summer work is specific to the student and which standards must be addressed.  Finally, the Gear-Up summer reading program will again invite students 5-12 to read in the summer and will have one day each week where they will travel to a college or follow a career interest visit.

·       High school summer school begins June 19, Middle School July 5, Title 1 and Gear-up Reading will begin June 26 and finish July 27.  All summer programs will meet at 8:00 am and finish following lunch at 12:00, Monday through Thursday. The Title one program has bus transportation for the Moscow youngsters.  The week of July 4, students will meet July 5,6, & 7.  All summer programs will meet at Quimby School.

·       Dual enrollment classes were also a success this year.  Thirteen students completed seventeen courses registering 10-As, 5 - Bs, 1 -C, 1@ Inc.

·       Graduation was a success and was well attended.  All nineteen students graduated with their class!  Paul Stearns was well received as the speaker.

·       Special thank-you to the school board and Supt. Rebar for the plaque, card, gift cards and good wishes for retirement.


b)     Special Education Director’s Report

    May into June has been a busy and productive month for the Special Education Department of M.S.A.D. #13. We are continuing with the delivery of special education and related services as well as conducting the necessary meetings to finish up the 16-17 school year from a special education perspective.

     I recently came across a report to the Joint Standing Committee on Education and Cultural Affairs of the Maine Legislature entitled, “Maine Social and Emotional Learning and Development Project”. It is undated as far I can tell, but it appears it was produced within the last year or so.  The executive summary of the report states that social-emotional learning and skills are critical to academic success. It also states that early childhood programs that couple social-emotional learning development (SELD) with academics, “see a range of positive outcomes including reductions in children’s problem behaviors, improved classroom climate, and reduced teacher stress.”

     The report goes on to detail a problem of 3-5 year old children being suspended and expelled from pre-school programs across Maine and the country, with no follow up intervention occurring to address the problem behavior which caused the suspension and expulsions. The authors of the report make a number of summary recommendations, which include the establishment of an ‘Early Childhood Consultation program’, improved capacity for professional development related to social-emotional learning development (SELD) initiatives, enhanced parent engagement related to SELD, and consistent social-emotional learning development  (SELD) screening and assessment for 3-5 year old children.

     In Tuesday’s (6/6/17) Morning Sentinel, there was a letter from Dr. Bob Holmberg, a pediatrician from Brooksville, Me. titled, ‘Maine Compass: Proven program gives children the skills needed to succeed at learning’.  In this piece, Dr. Holmberg writes about similar issues noted in the earlier report.  He writes, “Without learning these critical skills (social-emotional learning), Maine children are bound to struggle in school and in life.”

    Dr. Holmberg goes on to advocate for the adoption of a bill, L.D. 1321. The bill’s summary calls for the establishment of, “beginning September 1, 2019, a voluntary early childhood consultation program to provide support and guidance to early care and education teachers and to providers working in public preschools, child care centers, family child care settings and Head Start programs serving infants and young children who are experiencing challenging behaviors that put them at risk of learning difficulties and removal from early learning settings.”

    It is apparent that social-emotional development, which is similar and related to executive skill development, is a critical foundation to academic growth and learning. It is my view, that children and teachers/caregivers need support and instruction related to social-emotional and executive skills learning and development. When these skill areas are functioning adequately in children, academic learning goes smoothly and productively.



Add     X (c) Notice of transfer of Mary Collins from grade 3 to grade 5

            IX (f) Resignation of Melissa McQuilkin, Middle School Math

            IX (g) Resignation of Jena Kamps, Grade 5

            XIII (i) Executive Session for the purpose of discussion negotiations pursuant to 1

                    M.R.S.A. §405(6)(D)



a)     Title IA Summer School Award $9,582 - Shared

b)     Letter from State Representative, Chad Grignon, to Honor Roll students at Quimby Middle School - Shared

c)     Education Efficiencies and Opportunities, DOE, Award of $130,000 – Ms. Rebar was pleased to announce the receipt of a grant written in conjunction with Madison and Carrabec to employ a STEM Coach for middle level teachers and students



a)     Financial Statement - Reviewed

b)     MSMA Return of Unemployment Excess Contribution $1,292 - Shared

c)     Retirement Cost Shift by Heather Perry, Superintendent of Gorham – Ms. Rebar pointed out a report rendered by Heather Perry indicating the extent of the cost shift to teacher’s retirement from the State to local SAU’s.

d)     Resignation and acceptance of Edward Ferreira, Special Education Director - Reviewed

e)     Resignation and acceptance of Janet Melcher, Administrative Assistant – Reviewed

f)      Resignation and acceptance of Melissa McQuilkin, Middle School Math – Reviewed

g)     Resignation and acceptance of Jena Kamps, Grade 5 - Reviewed



a)     Proposed Athletic Director Effectiveness Rubric – Ms. Rebar shared an evaluation tool that was used this year very successfully as a pilot.  She plans to bring it to the Board for approval in the near future.

b)     High school graduation review – All agreed that the graduation ceremony transpired in a very fine fashion on June 4, 2017.


XI.           SUB-COMMITTEE REPORTS (Ad-Hoc Restructuring Committee, Finance Committee, Policy Committee, Negotiations Committee, Transportation Committee, Buildings and Grounds Committee, Personnel Committee)

Finance (Elizabeth Brochu, Pauline Lagasse, Nancy MacDonald)

Policy (Leo Hill, Danette Messer, Janneke Strickland)

Negotiations (Pauline Lagasse, Brian Malloy, Janneke Strickland, Adrienne Mathieu [alternate])

Transportation (Leo Hill, Nancy MacDonald, Adrienne Mathieu, Danette Messer)

Buildings and Grounds (Jennifer Cates, Leo Hill, Nancy MacDonald, Jessica Mills)

Personnel (Leo Hill, Nancy MacDonald, Janneke Strickland, (alternate) Elizabeth Brochu)

a)     Finance Committee Report – The Finance Committee reported that oil bids were received and a discussion followed.  No award was decided upon or recommended by the Committee.





a)     Vote on oil bids for 2017-18 – No action taken

b)     Summer school positions as follows: - Shared

Summer School

            Teacher:  Crystal Rollins; Ed Tech III:  Carol Hines

Summer Lunch Program

            Food Service Workers:  Sandy Carter and Corey Farnham

Gear-Up Summer Reading Program

            Wendy Belanger and Cathy Foran

Title I Summer Program

            Teacher:  Bethany Szarka,  Ed Techs:  Paula Rich and Jolene Laweryson

c)     It was moved by Elizabeth Brochu and second by Janneke Strickland to approve Heather Merrill as Athletic Director for 2017-18 and authorize the Superintendent to issue a contract.  The motion passed with Jennifer Cates, Elizabeth Brochu, Nancy MacDonald, Brian Malloy, and Janneke Strickland voting in favor (804 votes) and Leo Hill, Pauline Lagasse, Adrienne Mathieu, and Jessica Mills voting against (618 votes).

d)     Upon motion by Elizabeth Brochu and second by Janneke Strickland the following nominations for Extra-Curricular/Co-Curricular appointments for 2017-18 were unanimously approved except for Boys Varsity Soccer on which Elizabeth Brochu abstained due to family relationship and authorized the Superintendent to issue contracts.

Girls Varsity Soccer                           Scott Laweryson

Boys Varsity Soccer                           Adam Farnham

Varsity Golf                                        Paul Belanger

Girls Varsity Basketball                      Paul Belanger

Boys Varsity Basketball                     Curtis Miller

Boys J.V. Basketball                           Carrington Miller

Boys Middle School Basketball            Britani Cabassa

Varsity Softball                                   Erin Marden

Strength Training                                James Tyler

Chemical Hygiene Officer                  Daniel McDonald

Student Council                                  Lori Gordon

Yearbook Advisor                              Joy West

Dramatics                                            Kattie Sweet-Shibles

Graduation Advisor                            Lori Gordon

e)     Upon motion by Pauline Lagasse and second by Adrienne Mathieu the Board unanimously voted to authorize the Superintendent to apply for and expend monies, sign necessary forms and otherwise act as agent of the Board of Directors of M.S.A.D. #13/RSU 83 under Title I, Title II, Drug Free and other federal projects that become available and are approved by the Board for 2017-18

f)      Vote on clerical proposal for 2017-18 - Postponed

g)     Upon motion by Leo Hill and second by Janneke Strickland the Board unanimously voted to transfer Melissa Lyons-Vitalone from position of Assistant Principal to Special Education Director and authorized the Superintendent to issue a contract.

h)     Discussion of 2017-18 budget, if necessary – The results of the referendum conducted on June 13th were received.  It was decided to have a Special Board meeting on June 27th with a request to reduce the budget by $100,000.

i)      Upon motion by Leo Hill and second by Janneke Strickland it was unanimously voted to enter Executive Session for the purpose of discussing negotiations pursuant to 1 M.R.S.A. §405(6)(D).  Entered Executive Session at 8:11 p.m.  Adjourned Executive Session at 8:32 p.m.


XIV.      ADJOURNMENT – The meeting was adjourned at 8:48 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,



Virginia Rebar

Secretary to the Board