​​​Superintendent's Message
     Ours is an active, vibrant and productive school District with many hands involved in every day successes. I am proud to serve as your Superintendent over the last five years and witness the growth and dedication of our students, staff, parents, guardians and community members as we draw closer and closer ties in the interest of fulfilling our mission. 
Mission Statement
The Mission of MSAD#13 is to provide each student the necessary skills to become a successful, responsible adult and life-long learner. The MSAD#13 team, parents and community believe in working together to ensure a safe and comfortable learning environment where each student develops self-confidence and responsibility for personal learning.

     In an effort to propel this ambition, I am planning on sharing regular press releases ​on this page so as to communicate highlights of our 2014-15 school year’s journey.
     The first two deal with the impact of our involvement with the MELMAC Foundation grant and the results of a wonderful community garden community service project. 
     As you share in our activities through these press releases, please feel free to join in any or all of the efforts underway to promote issues and topics reviewed even further. Call our District Principal, Julie Richard or myself, Virginia Rebar with your thoughts and suggestions. We welcome volunteers! Wishing all a very rewarding school year.

Virginia Rebar​​
​ Upper Kennebec Valley Memorial High School Named as One of America's Top Schools by Newsweek

Press Release

Submitted by Virginia Rebar, Superintendent of Schools, MSAD#13/RSU83

September 3, 2015

Upper Kennebec Valley Memorial High School Named as One of America's Top Schools by Newsweek​

     Newsweek's "Beating the Odds" for 2015 list seeks to identify schools that do an excellent job of preparing their students for college while also overcoming the obstacles posed by students at an economic disadvantage. These schools are examined for measures that indicate the school is helping low income students score at or above average on state assessments. Other criteria includes high school graduation rates, college readiness, and whether or not students are college bound at graduation. Newsweek has been posting this recognition list for top schools for over a decade. The District received notice of this honor on September 1, 2015, the day before the first day of school.

The United States has about 59,000 high schools. The "Beating the Odds" list includes 500 top schools in the nation. Upper Kennebec Valley Memorial High School is one of four named in Maine. Others include Cape Elizabeth High School, Madawaska Middle/High School, and Falmouth High School. Valley ranks the highest among these schools according to noted criteria.

The staff, students and community members are extremely pleased with this recognition and, in fact, have already added a celebration sign at the school's entrance road, designed and ordered commemorative tee shirts for everyone, planned for a District assembly for a District photograph, as well as ordered a banner for the high school gym to note the accomplishment.

We often refer to ourselves as the small school system with a big heart. We can now add to the self-reference. We are a small school system with a huge honor for doing things right for our students and community at large. High expectations coupled with compassion have always resulted in realized dreams.​

Linda-Hunnewell.jpgOn June 3, 2015, Linda Hunnewell received a special citation from Ben Tucker for 50 years of service in the area of education in MSAD #13.  Ben Tucker is a representative of Senator Angus King.  

In the photo left to right is Ben Tucker, Linda Hunnewell, Wendy Belanger, and Virginia Rebar.​